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5 Ways You Can Clean More Efficiently and Sustainably

cleanpacs sustainable cleaning tips

Cleaning has taken top priority on your chore list, but it shouldn’t have to take the most time. Streamlining your routine can save both minutes and money—not to mention excess waste from entering landfills. Give your cleaning cupboard the once over with these five tips that will keep your home both sanitized and sparkling while still cutting back on waste and effort.

Have supplies sent straight to your home.

Skip extra trips to the store—especially when you may not even find the cleaners you need—with a mail-order subscription service. CleanPacs, a local company based just outside Philly, sends eco-friendly cleaners directly to your doorstep. Optional subscription plans provide refills on your schedule (monthly, every three months or annually), so you can order once and forget it.

Save space with streamlined products.

Reclaim the cabinet under your sink with compact supplies. Instead of big, bulky bottles, CleanPacs come in thin, stackable containers with a minimal footprint. Inside, small pouches contain concentrated ingredients plus a bitter additive for child and pet safety. Just drop one into a labeled spray bottle, fill with water and watch the cleaning power quickly diffuse into a liquid that’s safe to spritz. Glass, kitchen and all-purpose formulas can tackle whatever job is at hand.

Switch to reusable bottles and towels.

Less than 10% of plastics ever get recycled, and a substantial portion of that still ends up in landfills. CleanPacs reduce plastic pollution from the start by minimizing packaging. When a bottle runs empty, simply add another pouch and more water. Customers saved 1.3 million pounds of plastic from entering landfills or waterways last year alone by ordering CleanPac refills instead of new bottles. Plus, each CleanPacs kit with disinfectant comes with washable microfiber cleaning cloths to help you use fewer paper towels. Just drop in the laundry whenever you’re done.


Use products that are proven to work.

Eco-friendly options like CleanPacs are gentle on the Earth, but not on germs. Not only do CleanPacs tackle tough messes, but hospital-grade Aqua ChemPacs Disinfectant Cleaner are one of the rare products to meet the EPA’s criteria for fighting SARS-Cov-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The disinfectant spray is great for use on high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches as well as other parts of your home, like floors, walls, metal, stainless steel, ceramic tile and more.

Save money by paying for cleaners, not water.

Buying bottles in bulk may seem like an obvious way to save dollars, but ultimately most of what you’re paying for you could also get straight from your tap. CleanPacs kits not only offer savings by bundling everything you’ll need together, but they also cost approximately 70% less than leading store brands. That’s because they contain only concentrated ingredients—not H2O. Even better, CleanPacs have about 3% of the carbon footprint compared to what’s on the shelf for savings that really matter.

Make the eco-friendly choice and switch to CleanPacs, a local company that puts sustainability first with cleaning products that also save you time and money.