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Subaru Stories: Impromptu Day Trips, Weekend Road Trips and Making Time for Everything Between

Photo credit: John Carlano

Photo credit: John Carlano

Subaru owners are fanatically loyal adventurers–signaling each other with a peace sign salute as they pass and referring to their cars as ‘Subies.’ Subaru Stories follows the journey behind 10 Philadelphian health professionals connected by a common thread: Their car. Where it takes them after work? That seems to be very different…

After years of adventure in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Katie Andreano returned home to Maple Shade. She and her husband, both Maple Shade natives, came back to their hometown to raise their family and start a new kind of adventure.

By day she manages the radiology department at Virtua Marlton in Marlton, New Jersey. Her work involves managing a team but also dedicating time to patients as they undergo a tremendous amount of care.

“I get to interact with so many patients during the day and the results of my intervention in their care is immediate gratification,” says Andreano.  “As soon as I take their x-ray I can see it and send it directly into their chart for a physician to interpret–it’s a necessary step in their care and the patients are often so grateful… it’s just a satisfying feeling to know you’re part of their care.”

When she’s not at work, Andreano hops in her 2015 Forester and sings her way home–solo, or with one of her favorite passengers, her daughter.

“I love singing in the car and embarrassing her,” Andreano notes with a smile.

For Andreano, her Subaru is more than a car that takes her to and from work–her Subaru is an integral part of her journey. Whether that journey means packing her Forester with enough beach chairs (and frisbees) for her entire family to enjoy the shore or filling her playlist with road trip-approved tunes to sing along the way, Andreano trusts her Subie to get her there.

“It’s roomy enough for my whole family, plus my two dogs,” she says. The beach is truly my oasis–it’s the only place where, it doesn’t matter how much I’ve had to deal with or how big my problems are, the sight of the ocean puts me immediately at peace.  It’s a wonderful tool to replenish my soul.”

While her journeys have remained fairly local recently, Andreano is saving her time off for a trip to upstate New York this fall to scope out prime foliage season.

“No matter the weather or driving conditions, I always feel safe in my Forester.”

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