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The Smart Home of the Future is Available Today

Since the introduction of “smartphones,” consumers have become increasingly obsessed with smart gadgets. Finally, “smart home” technology has become available and affordable for the typical household. Now, you can control alarm systems, lighting, appliances, video cameras, and temperature simply using your computer, smartphone or tablet. What was once a dream has become reality.

You can find out more about this great service at Design Home 2014 from the well-known and trusted brand–Comcast’s Xfinity Home. Now, your house can be turned into a “smart home” with next-generation remote home control and energy management features. You can remotely set the alarm, adjust digital thermostats, turn lights on or off, check water sensors and watch secure, live streaming video of the home, inside or out – all from a touchpad, smart phone or computer. 24/7 professional monitoring provides peace of mind that police or the fire department will be contacted in an emergency.

The service comes with a tablet-like touch screen with a color display that streams camera footage, controls the alarm, thermostat, lights, and other electronics, and also provides a menu of widgets with the latest weather, news, traffic, and sports scores. Everything in your house will be under control from the comfort of your couch.

Rest assured though, the wireless cameras are not monitored by Xfinity and are accessible only to the customer with the correct password, so privacy is not an issue. Footage is encrypted and will not record unless accessed live or when set to capture an event, like someone entering a room during certain hours. And motion sensors are pet-friendly for animals up to 85 pounds so there’s no need to worry about false alarms.

Customize the experience in your home with the ability to create personalized settings (or rules) to receive e-mail or text messages when certain things happen — or when they don’t happen.  If your child should have arrived home by 5 p.m., the system can be set to send an alert if the door doesn’t open between 4:45 and 5:15. Customers with flooding issues can have water sensors installed and not have to wonder if their basement is filling with water every time a storm hits.

While walking through this year’s Design Home, you’ll find tons of ideas for other ways to make your house cutting edge. Whether you want a security blanket of protection, or greater control over your electronics, the ideas and solutions are available to bring your home to an exciting new level. Design Home 2014 will kick start your imagination and have you dreaming of the possibilities for your home.

New enhancements to Xfinity Home include a camera with night vision, a carbon monoxide sensor, and an EcoFactor-enabled thermostat that “learns” the heating and cooling patterns of a home and makes automatic and incremental adjustments to keep you feeling comfortable. This “smart home” solution can ultimately lower energy use and help you find potential savings on your next energy bill.

If you want to feel safe, secure, and in control of your house, then Comcast’s Xfinity Home is waiting. Xfinity Home starts at just $30 per month. Visit xfinity.com/home or call 888-223-5723 for more information on pricing, equipment and additional features. Find out more about Comcast, and other technological upgrades, at Design Home 2014, and turn your home into a “smart home” today!