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Shiva Noorchashm

Shiva Noorchashm, the president and CEO of Medica, started working in the pharmaceutical industry when she was in high school and she really enjoyed learning about the drug development process. She continued to work in the pharmaceutical industry throughout college and jumped in full-time when she graduated. She gained experience by working in as many divisions as possible (clinical, regulatory, medical affairs and commercial), allowing her to help build a better strategy for her clients across the board. By knowing and learning the ins and outs of each area, Noorchasm is able to be a better strategic partner. “Innovation is an important key to success,” she says. “You must always continue to innovate, especially in a competitive market space.”

Strategy even in drug delivery and medical device development remains a crucial element to be taken care of. Noorchashm realized this two decades back and started focusing on strengthening her prospective clients’ strategies. Since then, her company has been partnering with pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology firms to help them develop robust and innovative strategies for various projects, including scientific communication plans, competitive market analysis, commercial strategy, regulatory strategy and fostering fruitful long-term relationships with global, medical and regulatory experts. Unlike other companies, Medica creates a new process to fulfill every product’s or project’s requirements, which makes it a preferred partner for its customers. What has made Medica successful is its team, network of clients and global medical experts. 

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