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Use This Hashtag to Help Send Underserved Kids to the Philadelphia Zoo This Summer

A trip to Philadelphia Zoo is a rite of passage for many youngsters in Philadelphia, but some underserved populations don’t always get to have the wonderful experience of visiting a world-class zoo for themselves. To combat this, Philadelphia Zoo and Xfinity came up with a genius social media project to not only highlight their new 3D mural You360ShotSpot, but also offer free entry to children. 

How it works: visit the You360ShotSpot mural by revered 3D street artist Joe Hill (colloquially known as “Pavement Picasso”) and post a picture on social with the hashtag #sendakid. For every 50 social media actions — posts, shares, retweets — sponsor Xfinity will send a child to the Zoo for free. (Yep, it’s that easy!) The Zoo is also outfitted for free Wi-Fi, so you can quickly post your very best photos to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as soon as you’re done snapping them.

Hill’s work is no small feat. The massive optical illusion is a product of some dexterous depth perception. The mural gives the appearance of visitors teetering over the zoo from above with animals roaming down below, and the art comes to life through viewer engagement, something that Hill aims to inspire through the detailed nooks and crannies in his interactive and fantastical artwork.

The mural has attracted the likes of many, including several notable Philadelphians. Join them and hundreds of others to post, retweet and favorite your photos. The ultimate goal is to provide up to 10,000 underserved kids the opportunity to experience Philadelphia Zoo.

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