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Meet the Designers of Design Home 2019

Design Home 2019 Rear

Once again, the masterminds behind Design Home brought together two brilliant designers, Kathy Moore of KAM Interiors and Polly Carlton of Winslow Interiors. They partnered with builder Mark K. Weiss to reinvent farmhouse design in a forward-thinking, functional home for entertaining and living. Moore and Carlton recently shared their inspiration for the home design, why the kitchen will be the envy of every home chef, and some insider tips for Design Home 2019 visitors.

Can you describe your vision for the home?

Kathy Moore: My vision for the home is a reinvention of what we think of as a farmhouse.  While the concept is rooted in tradition, the execution will be all about modern amenities, a modern way of living and modern design while maintaining enough charm and comfort to evoke a true farmhouse feel.
Polly Carlton: From Design Home 2019’s very conception in the office of Weiss & Associates, I saw a bright open living space with a neutral color palate and lots of texture incorporating a mix of natural and manmade materials. This would be the canvas for a home that exudes comfort, relaxation and allure.

How did you build off the architecture of the home?

PC: Mark Weiss has created a home with the quintessential open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining, yet laid-back at the same time. With so many glass feature walls, it made sense to keep the interior more subdued so as not to interfere with the magnificent landscape seen from every interior space. However, certain rooms have inspired bolder material selections that add an element of surprise.

What elements of the farmhouse design did you incorporate? How did you provide a modern spin on what people expect of a farmhouse feel?

PC: We’ve integrated specific natural elements that typify farmhouse design, but are timeless, such as open grain wood, stone and metal. In some instances, we have been able to make the farmhouse style more modern by abandoning the natural material entirely and incorporating a manufactured material. Weiss & Associates is so much about light and bringing the outside in, however there are modern twists on materials and surfaces everywhere. And when the sun goes down there is a unique selection of modern light fixtures to set the mood.

KM: The back kitchen is one area that really pulls in the farmhouse vibe—the sink, the light fixtures, the color story all lend themselves to a farmhouse of today or years past.

The modern spin in this farmhouse comes in large part from the architecture.  The oversized windows, generously sized spaces etc.  We also selected many materials that lend to the farmhouse feel but have a totally modern twist – the charred wood on the walls, the brick walls in the outdoor room, the flooring, the light fixtures all feel completely updated but somehow familiar.

Did you have a favorite room of the house to work on? 

KM: The kitchen is definitely one of my favorite spaces within this home.  The scale of the room, the distinct cooking stations, the restaurant quality of the space, and the fact that it opens right up to the terrace to expand the entertainment space really expands on this ultimate entertaining space.

What should visitors to Design Home look out for?

PC: Visitors should take their time and look at all the details in every room. We have had an amazing group of craftsmen and tradespeople who have contributed to this fabulous home.

KM: Pay close attention to all of the textures and details—from wall treatments to flooring, ceiling treatments and built-in spaces, there will be something special to catch a visitor’s attention in each room.

See you there?

PC: When you tour the house be sure to look out for Kathy or myself who are usually on site to answer questions along with the many volunteers and sponsor representatives. Do not be shy…. that’s why we’re there!

Learn more and purchase tickets for Design Home 2019 here