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The 6 Things You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask About Laser Hair Removal, Answered

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If swimsuit season has you tired of reaching for the razor, there’s another way to get smooth skin. Laser hair removal offers permanent results—no more dealing with razor nicks, cuts or bumps—but while laser hair removal is growing in popularity, many people are still uncertain about ditching their razor for the laser. With that in mind, we talked to the laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser to get answers to the most pressing (and personal) questions that people have when considering whether or not it’s time to put down the shaving cream for good.

1. How much does laser hair removal cost?

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal won’t break the bank. While pricing varies depending on the body area being treated and where you go for treatments, in the long run, it costs less time and money than regular shaving or waxing. (See ya, expensive razors!) However, when you’re looking for a place to go to for your treatments, you’ll want to find out exactly what the price includes. Many times it may only cover six to eight sessions, which isn’t enough for the average person to get the results that they want. At Milan Laser Hair Removal, every purchase comes with its exclusive Unlimited Package™. The unlimited package includes as many treatments as you’ll ever need—including touchups—for one affordable price. Plus, every client is approved for financing, meaning that you can opt for an affordable, no-interest monthly payment plan that starts as low as $29 a month.

2. Will it work on my skin tone and hair color?

Most likely, yes! Although laser hair removal treatments back in the ‘90s only worked on lighter skin tones and certain hair colors, new advancements have made it possible to treat any complexion and every hair color except for white—not to be confused with blonde hair, which is treatable. That’s not to say that every company offering laser hair removal services will have the technology or the training to perform laser hair removal safely on your specific skin tone and hair color.

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You should know that Nd:YAG lasers specifically work better on darker skin while Alexandrite lasers perform better on fair skin. Not every company that offers laser hair removal will have both—so it’s important to find out what laser a provider uses before deciding where to go for treatments. For example, Milan Laser uses the Candela Gentle Max Pro, one of the most effective lasers on the market that has both Nd:YAG and Alexandrite technology, which allows its providers to treat every skin tone and hair color safely and effectively (except for white, of course).

3. Can I keep shaving before treatment?

Yes, unlike waxing, you don’t need to walk around with embarrassing stubble for days or weeks before an appointment. In fact, the experts at Milan Laser recommend shaving the day before or day of your treatment for the best results. The laser targets the root of your hair beneath the skin, so it’s more effective on clean-shaven skin because it can zero in on the hair follicle better.

4. How much does laser hair removal hurt?

Not as much as you may think—and it’s way less painful than waxing! That’s because most lasers come with a built-in comfort feature of some kind. For some of the more outdated lasers, this might include blowing chilled air on the skin during the treatment or using a numbing cream prior to treatment.

However, the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments are done with lasers like the Candela Gentle Max Pro, which Milan Laser uses. That’s because a targeted cooling mist sprays milliseconds before and after each pulse of the laser, immediately soothing any potential discomfort. Most recipients compare the sensation to the snap of a rubber band with the sting fading away immediately. Be warned, though: Not every laser hair removal provider uses a laser with a cooling mist.

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5. Is there any area where I can’t get hair removed?

Laser hair removal is effective on almost every area of the body. The most popular treatment areas include the lips, chin, shoulders, back, chest, stomach, bikini line, legs, and feet. And although lasers cannot shape eyebrows for safety reasons, they can safely eliminate a unibrow. Basically, the treatment is safe everywhere except the top of the head and right next to your eyes.  

6. Is it true I can’t go tanning before and after laser hair removal?

Yes! In order to safely perform laser hair removal, your skin needs to be its natural tone so that the laser hair removal provider can determine the exact settings to use on the laser. Tanned skin—not your natural skin tone, that is—can attract the laser away from the hair follicle, potentially leading to treatment complications.

That’s why the experts at Milan Laser recommend that clients avoid sun exposure for three weeks both before and after treatments. If outdoor activities are a part of your normal routine, they recommend applying SPF 50+ sunscreen every two hours to any area that you are having treated. If in doubt, they recommend setting up an appointment with a provider for a test spot treatment. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Give up shaving and waxing for good and learn more about the affordable treatments offered at Milan Laser Hair Removal in King of Prussia and Jenkintown. Milan Laser has the lowest complication rate in the industry. All of its treatment providers are Authorized Candela Practitioners who have been extensively trained by Independent Candela Trainers and are supervised by medical doctors. The professionals at Milan Laser Hair Removal are experts in laser hair removal because it is all they do—and they make sure they do it well!