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How to Keep Your Love Alive Throughout the Stress of Wedding Planning


Ask anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge as to what it takes to plan a wedding and they’ll surely tell you that it’s one of life’s more stressful processes. From designing invitations to the final dress fitting and everything in between, planning the Big Day can often take a toll on the bride-to-be—not to mention the strain it may cause on the couple’s relationship.

Though planning can be overwhelming, it’s important to not lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place. The person who will be waiting at the end of the aisle needs your attention too, and to guarantee that he’ll be there when you make it to the alter requires some effort in the romance department.

While coordinating every detail of your “I Do’s” can feel like a full-time job, don’t forget that life exists beyond the wedding realm. If you find that the planning process is too much to handle alone, consider getting some help at the get-go. Eventricity offers a wide range of services that will help lessen your burden, giving you more time to spend romancing your fiancé. “I want couples to embrace the process but not be overrun by it,” says Phyllis Jablonowski, CEO of Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants and Eventricity. “At the very beginning it is definitely frenzied with many decisions that need to be made, but then there is a slow down period—take advantage of it and reconnect.”  To start, establish a few hours each day or a couple nights per week that are strictly free of all wedding talk. Whether you and your groom have a date night out or merely stay in for dinner and your favorite show, spend the time focused on one another. The simple, uninterrupted interaction will keep your mind on the right track.

Spontaneity will also do wonders for couples struggling to stay sane during the planning process. An afternoon text to say, “I love you,” a handwritten note, or a small but special gift are all meaningful ways to keep your love at the forefront. If your situation calls for something more extreme, consider a surprise getaway for the weekend where you two can relax without any disruptions.

Above all, the key is to remain connected—whether that means holding hands, planning dinner dates, or communicating about your ideas for the wedding. Your relationship should always come first, keeping in mind that your happiness as a couple is not dependent on your wedding alone. “The Big Day is an incredible demonstration and experience about your love and commitment as a couple,” says Jablonowski. “Focus on each other and the planning process will be much easier.”

For more about Eventricity and how their team of experts can help keep you stress-free while planning, visit eventricity.net.