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Holiday Life Hacks that Help You Work Off the Milk and Cookies

Photo credit: Getty Images/julief514

Photo credit: Getty Images/julief514

After a blissful season enjoying oversized snowflake sweaters, tins of sugar cookies, family feasts, and glasses of cheer January 2 delivers a serious reality check to our waistline.

Luckily, these simple holiday health hacks make it so those of us with lofty fitness goals can still enjoy seasonal treats while getting a jumpstart on our New Year’s resolutions. Now, that’s something to be merry about!

Shop it off

Whether you’re in pursuit of the perfect gift at the mall or perusing shops at the Christmas Village at Dilworth Park, walking is a simple way to work off your holiday feast without even thinking about it. Use your phone as a pedometer to help you keep track of your seasonal steps. Just open the Health app on your iPhone (or Google Fit for Android users) for easy logging next time you’re holiday shopping.

Hit the town

Don’t let the winter chill put a damper on your cheer. Bundle up for an evening skate at the Blue Cross RiverRink to sharpen your ice skating skills and squeeze in a festive workout. Plus, Independence Blue Cross cardholders get free admission to the rink all season long!

Join a #fitmas challenge

Your Instagram feed doesn’t have to be completely filled with sugary cookies and indulgent dishes (although, yes, those are wonderful). Join a challenge like the Runner’s World #RunStreak to find fellow fitness enthusiasts squeezing in a mile (or more) a day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Make it extra merry by turning the miles you log into charitable donations with the Charity Miles app.

Swap spirits with sparkling water

Alternate your holiday “cheers” with a tall glass of sparkling water. You’ll keep your drink calories in check while making sure you hit your water quota each day. Spike with cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime for extra flavor at an office holiday party for a healthy non-alcoholic option with a boost of antioxidants.

Treat yourself

Pass the new fitness studio on your block only to daydream about having enough time to take a class? Now’s the time to use your time off and finally make that 10 am class! During the holidays, most gyms will run seasonal promotions to help fill empty space in fitness classes. Gifting yourself a fitness class is one sale item that promises no buyer’s remorse — although your muscles may beg to differ.

And if you’re an Independence Blue Cross member, you’re eligible for up to $150 back on fitness center fees and weight management programs.

For more information on how Independence Blue Cross can be part of your plan for health and wellness visit them online.