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10 Simple Ways to Stay Active at Home—No Gym Required

active at home

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You don’t need to fit in a workout to get your heart pumping. Get active throughout the day by making a few small tweaks to your routine and your heart will thank you for it.

1. Work your way through your home and yard projects list. Painting, mowing and more get the heart rate up.

2. Discover your inner yogi and reward yourself with an extra-long savasana.

3. Sneak workouts in while you cook. Sautéing goes great with calf raises!

4. Embrace spring cleaning early—scrubbing is surprisingly hard work

5. Take advantage of your growing Netflix habit by only letting yourself watch your favorite show if you’re stretching or working out.

6. Put on a favorite playlist and have an impromptu family dance party.

7. Discover your green thumb. Not only is gardening great exercise, but you’ll soon have a bounty of fresh produce.

8. Phone meetings don’t have to mean desk meetings. Take a walk around the block or even just the house.

9. Opt for active games with your kids. Twister or hot lava, anyone?

10. Swap your chair for an exercise ball and get your balance on while you work.