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Four Bonus Perks of Health Insurance

Do yourself a favor: Get to know — like, really know — your health insurance because you may be missing out on some very useful value-added programs. While covering medical expenses is an important job of health insurance, there’s actually a full range of services and perks that comes with a plan. Here are four of the best.

1. Celebrities or professional athletes aren’t the only ones who can have access to personal nutritional professionals. Thanks to Nutrition Counseling benefits, up to six free visits with a registered dietician are covered every year. Training for your first marathon and unsure of what foods will fuel you best? Are you looking to lose weight at a healthy rate after having a baby? These one-on-one assessments will prescribe a specific plan for your diet and health goals.

2. Another perk? Your very own health coach. These registered nurses provide round-the-clock advice whether it’s navigating everyday health concerns or understanding a diagnosis.

3. Earn money back by working towards health-related goals. There’s partial reimbursement available for approved gym memberships and weight management programs like Weight Watchers. You can also find reimbursements for smoking cessation aids (i.e. patch, gum, lozenge) or from enlisting the help of a Quit Coach and/or local nicotine cessation programs.

4. Another way to save is with exclusive discount programs. Last month, Independence Blue Cross launched Blue Insider and the goal is simple: Save money on the stuff that you don’t just need, but want. With this perk, you can get significant deals — up to sixty percent off — on things like concert tickets, hotel fees, sporting events, and ski passes. Meanwhile, Blue365 offers weekly deals for top health and wellness brands. (Think: Twenty percent off online fitness gear from Reebok.) Plus, there are printable coupons — up to $2 off — from personal care items (i.e. Gillette deodorant, Crest mouthwash) to grocery food staples (i.e. Cheerios, Newman’s salad dressing).

Discovering the hidden perks of your health plan doesn’t just help you — it could also benefit your loved ones. Plans often cover a bevy of supplemental resources to keep your entire family healthy. All you have to do is go ahead and take advantage of them.

Find more information on how Independence Blue Cross can be a part of your plan for health and wellness.

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