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Want to Know the Secret to Finding (and Keeping) the Best Employees? Hint: It’s Health Insurance Related

Photo credit: iStock/AndreyPopov

Photo credit: iStock/AndreyPopov

Finding the right talent for your business can be quite a challenge. Baby boomers are retiring in waves, while many young workers are opting for jobs in a gig economy temporary jobs.

That’s why smart small businesses are upping their health care game.

According to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, health care is the benefit most valued by employees. Competitive benefit packages (including comprehensive health care coverage) are a must for small businesses to attract top talent and stay afloat.

With the single largest proprietary network in the country, UnitedHealthcare is helping more than 250,000 small businesses nationwide with a full range of products, including traditional copay plans and health savings accounts. Their plans offer out-of-pocket maximums as low as $1,000 for individual coverage and $2,000 for family coverage, with deductibles as low as zero. The flexible coverage options extend to employees managing chronic conditions, as well.

If you’re a small business owner, the UnitedHealthcare provider network gives your employees access to more than 12,000 network doctors and the top 10 hospitals in the Philadelphia metro area. In 2017, UnitedHealthcare is reducing rates for all fully insured small businesses in the Philadelphia area with up to 50 employees by 10 percent* while the competition is raising rates as much as 32 percent.

To stay ahead of the competition and get a quote for your business, call UnitedHealthcare at 1-877-232-8821 or call your broker.

*On all fully insured, 1-50 group rates for 1/1/17, in Bucks, Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery and Delaware counties.

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