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Eat Well to Meet Well

As the planner of a meeting at an off-site location – such as Lincoln Financial Field – yes, it’s the contents of that meeting that matter most, but without the right fuel for your employees, productivity can easily be left at the door. The purpose of providing the right kind of nutrition is to fuel up your attendees, much like our beloved Eagles players need the right fuel before pummeling their most rivaled teams – we’re talking to you, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys – every Sunday. Rather than offering sweets and processed treats that will only bring lethargy into the mix, lean proteins, whole grain carbohydrates and healthy fats, given at the right times and in the right proportions, will help to guarantee your off-site meeting brings home a win.

Ensuring players are giving it their all on the field by participating in a well-balanced diet, here, the Eagles’ strength and conditioning coaches offer their top five tips when designing not just snacks for your next meeting, but a well-thought-out menu that will have your employees eating well, and therefore meeting well.

  1. Sustain Energy by Meeting Calorie Needs
    “Eating the right foods is important, but ultimately if you’re not eating enough calories or eating too many it will impact your performance,” say the strength and conditioning coaches. “Under-fueling limits your ability to gain strength, build muscle and increases risk of injury, while over-fueling puts on body fat, decreases speed, and limits performance.” Meeting Must: It’s vital to take into account the length of time for the meeting. Is it all day, or just an hour or two? Supplying the right amount of food to sustain employees throughout the day is key.
  2. Eating Small, Win Big
    “The best way to fuel your body is to eat often but smaller meals throughout the day,” say the coaches. “This improves energy levels, increases muscle recovery, and improves body composition.” After eating large meals, most of us walk away feeling full and ready for a nap – much like Thanksgiving. Instead, forego three, heavy meals, and opt for five-to-six smaller meals. Meeting Must: Plan: small breakfast, AM Snack, small lunch, PM snack, and if time permits, a small dinner.
  3. Timing is Everything
    When it comes to the Eagles, says the coaches, “Fueling at the right times related to training is vital.” Eating both before and after practices optimizes players’ performance during the time they need it most; following this same ideology for your employees is the way to go. Meeting Must: It’s not just about the right kind of foods, but the right time your serve them. This is why snacks – in between meals, but during working times – are key.
  4. Balance and Variation Win the Race
    “All foods are important and provide different nutrients to your body,” explain the coaches. “If you’re missing certain foods you’re missing certain nutrients allowing your body to perform its best.” Yes, apples and hard-boiled eggs are as healthy as it gets, but having those and only those every day will fail to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs. Meeting Must: Mealtime stations are a great way to add variation to your employees’ plates. Consider an omelet stations, oatmeal bar for breakfast; a soup, sandwich and salad bar for lunch and dinner and our favorite, a trail mix bar for snack time.
  5. Hydration is EVERYTHING
    “Dehydration limits recovery, performance, and increases risk of injury,” say the coaches. Aside from your meeting, it’s vital to “make drinking enough and the right types of fluids a daily habit.” Meeting Must: Skip the sodas and sugary fruit drinks. Instead, load up on plain ‘ole water, which is as hydrating as it gets. Flavor additions such as fresh cucumber, lemon or mint add sap-like touch.

The event planning pros at Lincoln Financial Field are ready and more than willing to guide you in your nutritional choices and beyond for your next off-site meeting. Don’t miss out on not only a unique event space, but also a team of professionals that will do your employees good!