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Chandelier Cakes Lighting Up Weddings


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Chandelier cakes are turning wedding tradition upside-down with extravagant, gravity-defying confections.

“Big Bang Theory”star Kaley Cuoco created a mega buzz at her New Year’s Eve nuptials in California with a spectacular six-layer cake decorated with edible rhinestones, suspended upside-down from an enormous crystal chandelier.

Chandelier cakes are emerging as the hottest trend in wedding baking, offering whimsy, glamor and stunning presentation.

Cuoco’s cake ignited the inspiration of Joe Volpe, CEO and founder of Cescaphe Event Group. The first chandelier cake in Philly is a fanciful creation incorporating edible icing roses and crystal swags.

There are oodles of options, from cakes with three tapering layers to an inverted tower of seven layers. In addition to round cakes that mimic the shape of a chandelier, there are variations featuring stacked squares or alternating layers of circles and squares.

For triple bling, hang a trio of chandelier cakes from the ceiling, either a matching threesome or cakes in contrasting shapes, colors and decorative motifs.

Safely suspending Cuoco’s cake required meticulous engineering, including hanging sandbags from the chandelier to determine how much weight it could bear. In Volpe’s case, the innovative empresario simply added a winch to his newly renovated Cescaphe Ballroom to ensure stability and graceful maneuvering.

Custom inverted cake stands, with or without crystals and beads, offer the illusion of a chandelier without anchoring the cake to a functioning light fixture. Individual layers can be detached, from the bottom up, for slicing.

If the prospect of a cake dangling upside-down weighs heavily on your nerves, you can opt for a faux facsimile crafted from feather-light styrofoam and then covered with fondant and over-the-top sugar decorations. Order a second cake that is the real deal, served right side up.

It takes the cream of pastry chefs to design, construct and present these elaborate creations. Cescaphe’s in-house team can spin your fanciful dreams into sweet reality. Start with a photograph or even a sketch on a cocktail napkin and Jennifer Roach, Cescaphe’s award-winning cake artisan will whip up a one-of-a-kind indulgence that is uniquely yours.