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Beyond Wedding Videography: GoPro Captures Your Most Magical Moments

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In lots of ways, a memorable wedding is like a great movie: part drama, part romantic comedy, part action adventure.

Like any star, the bride heads to hair and makeup. Her leading man is immaculately groomed. The event is perfectly scripted, but with room for improvisation. And, of course, there is a happy ending.

GoPro photography enables couples to capture their wedding day on film with diamond-like clarity and amazing intimacy. Originally developed for adventure sports and espionage surveillance, the cameras are small, light and supremely portable, meaning they can be mounted on cars, trolleys, chairs, even Champagne bottles.

At Cescaphe Event Group, planners recently mounted a GoPro Hero 4 on the shoulder of the maître d, who filmed his day attending to a couple, starting at home and through their reception at Vie, an elegant venue on Broad Street in Philadelphia. Cescaphe team members were so impressed with the results they commissioned a video that includes their other venues, Atrium at Curtis Center, Cescaphe Ballroom, Tendenza and the Down Town Club.

It’s easy to see why couples are so excited about this technology. Through an app, loved ones and other well-wishers can share in the fun, viewing the day’s events on their smartphones, no matter where they are.

Viewers aren’t just in on the action. They also can get an up-close and personal look behind the scenes that isn’t included in traditional videography. Weddings may feel magical—but they don’t happen by magic. There are tables to be set, stages to be mounted, and meals to be prepared and plated.

Technology also includes time-lapse photography, which captures the energy of visual transformations at superhuman speed. Ten hours of preparation for a wedding can be compressed into 200 seconds. That’s just over three and a half minutes!

Video editing creates endless possibilities. The bride and groom can star in their own film and produce a trailer with highlights of their wedding day. They can even put together outtakes!

The days of disposable cameras on tables at the reception are long gone, thank goodness. GoPro is photography on steroids, light years beyond stationary videography—and another reason to smile on your wedding day.

Check out the action at Cescaphe Event Group. Watch this video see unforgettable wedding memories captured in film for couples in Philadelphia.