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Binge-Watching Your Favorite TV Shows Just Got Easier

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

From Fargo to The Americans, television is experiencing an indisputable golden age, officially making it cool to talk about TV around the water cooler again. But in order to participate in that post-Game-of-Thrones gabfest, it’s critical you’ve actually watched last night’s episode (or better yet, binged the season) in order to avoid spoilers. To do that, Xfinity’s X1 platform offers a host of viewer-friendly tools and features to make curling up with a movie and bowl of popcorn à la Olivia Pope that much easier. 

First off, X1 streamlines how you find your favorite shows and movies by allowing you to see search results across live TV, On Demand, and your DVR library in one place to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to leave what you’re currently watching. Then, based on what programs you’ve tuned to, X1 will start making recommendations for you based on your tastes, and give you shortcuts to the shows you watch most, cutting back on time spent scrolling through all your options.

Too many good shows air on Thursdays? There’s no need to miss out on ShondaLand. The X1 DVR let’s you record up to five shows while watching a sixth, and it packs up to 500GB of storage. That way, even the most intrepid TV watchers will never hit a storage limit. For folks on the go, bring your personal library with you. Xfinity users can download their shows and watch them offline – sans Internet! – at your convenience (read: on the elliptical at the gym).

And, of course, we can’t talk TV without talking sports. The newly-enhanced X1 Sports app lets viewers keep track of multiple games and scores by providing real-time updates right on the screen, including stats and analysis like strike-out percentages, pitch counts, hit zones and spray charts for baseball, and fantasy stats and injury reports for football.

X1 also offers a bevy of other super-convenient features like live streaming from your smartphone to your television, and a voice-controlled remote that makes finding a show as easy as saying its name. Interested? Click here to learn more about the Xfinity X1 platform.