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Easy Tech Fixes To Give Your Company a Competitive Edge

Photo credit: Shutterstock/zhu difeng

Photo credit: Shutterstock/zhu difeng

When technology is thoughtful and well executed, it signals professionalism to consumers. And even better, it can make a new company look even bigger and more established. All it takes is a strategic technology plan. The purpose of which is to help entrepreneurs grow, become more productive and appear more like larger companies. This trifecta can be obtained with the variety of services offered by Comcast Business. 

When customers visit The Original Runner Company’s website, they might be surprised to learn that the company got its start as a one-woman enterprise. However, within months, founder and CEO Julie Goldman was outfitting the TV wedding on ABC’s popular show The Bachelorette and hiring multiple staff members within the day. Now, it’s the biggest wedding aisle runner company in the world. She credits that success to her tech-savvy, growth-focused plan. See her in action below:

Inspired? We’re not surprised. Many of the steps Goldman took can be implemented by other businesses. But first, it’s essential to address your company’s needs — not all tech fixes are for everyone. Whether it’s streamlining finances, communicating with customers, improving productivity or simply operating more efficiently, there are a bevy of potential challenges to consider (psst: see a more detailed infographic here). From there, you can determine what’s manageable for your team, whether it’s enlisting remote workers or allowing employees to BYOD (bring your own device). Meanwhile, many internal tech debacles can be combatted by mindfully utilizing cloud apps.

With Comcast Business, you can remedy any of these dilemmas by laying the foundation for your technology plan. For Goldman, one of her priorities was establishing a plan that could grow with her company in the long term. This meant selecting tools that allow her to add accounts, lines and grow her database. “I’ve never been someone to jump on the technology bandwagon,” says Goldman, “but I have to use my money wisely here.”

Simply put, technology plays a critical role in the growth of budding companies. By taking the time to put a thoughtful plan in place, business owners can assess what’s important to them and what will aid their success.

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