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6 Smart Ways to Create a Timeless and Transitional Space

calligaris-headerSwitching up your home’s style every now and then can be a blast. But it can also be a burden both financially and emotionally to partake in a full-blown redesign on a regular basis. So, how can you find a compromise that saves you time and money without ignoring your need for a new look? It’s easy! Add a few smart staples to your space that will stand on their own, but pair well with any room, color scheme or style.

Worried about scouting for these tried and true designs? Don’t be. We sought the advice of Massimo Cian, the head of design and mastermind behind the effortlessly cool brand, Calligaris, to source six styling tips that will stand the test of time.

Use your wall space for storage. calligaris-storage

Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to your wall space. Sure, a new color will freshen up the place, but there are plenty of other additions you can make to your room, too. Adding additional storage that runs along your wall is a practical change that can add personality when executed with an art-inspired piece, like a sleek showcase.

Switch to ceramic.

When purchasing larger pieces, like dining tables, it’s best to choose a style made with durable materials, like ceramic, in a subtle color that pairs well with multiple pieces. “The dining room is composed of many elements, so it’s important not only to pay attention to the table and chairs, but also to widen your focus to other furnishing and décor details, too,” says Cian. Choosing a tabletop that is memorable but doesn’t detract from the room’s focal points (like artwork, chandeliers and table settings), is always wise. It’s also smart to opt for an extendable table. As your family or friend group grows, you’ll be grateful for the extra space.

Choose simple and colorful seating.


Accent furniture, like fun chairs, are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to breathe new life into your home. Find styles that add an unexpected pop of color but still match the general color scheme of your space. Adding a vibrant splash of color to a classic chair silhouette, ensures a lasting look that can transition from room to room, without upsetting the flow of your home. Whether you want a homier hue like burnt orange or forest green or prefer something that pops like hot pink or cobalt blue, don’t be afraid to be bold and go with your gut. Colors are cyclical and will always come back in style at some point.

Play with patterns and texture.


By playing with patterns and textures, you’re able to add interest to your place without undergoing a full-blown redesign. You’ll want to choose pieces that are impactful but don’t overpower the space, like chairs. Start with styles that suit the feeling you’re trying to evoke in your space—vintage vibes, art-inspired patterns, soft and cozy comfort—and pair them to your room’s current color scheme.

Don’t forget the floor.


It’s easy to skip over flooring and rugs when rethinking your room. But adding a versatile accent rug can make all the difference in keeping your home’s look and feel cohesive. Cian’s advice? “Choose a fun rug (solid or patterned) that adds a touch of style to the room without hindering the movement of the dining table or chairs.” A great place to start is a gradient rug. It gives you the option to utilize an array of tones from the same color family throughout your home and through the years.

Always include practical pieces. calligaris-bar-car

If you want something to be truly timeless, it needs to serve a purpose in your home. But just because it’s functional, doesn’t mean it should skimp on style. Opt for art-inspired storage solutions, that add interest while still serving your needs. Case-in-point, a sleek and architectural bar cart.


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