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5 Easy Tips for Safe Summer Cycling


More people than ever before are embracing summer cycling. And why not? From office commutes to morning coasts along the Jersey boardwalks, these workouts come with a cool breeze, stimulating scenery, and an efficient way to get from Point A to Point B. But no matter where you journey, an injury is an injury. With that in mind, read on for ways to stay safe during your summer rides.

 1. GEAR UP. First and foremost, don’t skimp on the stuff that will ultimately protect you the most: Bike helmets, headlights, tail lights, and bright and reflective clothing. And don’t forget the regular bike maintenance (i.e. lubing bike chains, greasing cables, inspecting your tires) to ensure that all of your parts are in working order.

2. PRACTICE GOOD FORM. Your technique will make for a much smoother ride, literally and figuratively. Hook your thumbs around the handlebar for a proper grip. Look ahead twenty yards — not just five — to avoid road hazards. Pay special attention when you’re turning. And, finally, always stay steady.

3. BE BORING. Or, more specifically, be predictable: Stick to bike lanes or the right-most lanes, obey all traffic laws (including the speed limit), and avoid weaving at all costs. For even best practices when riding in the city, check out what these local pros had to say.

4. SEND A MESSAGE. Communicate as much as you can with vehicles and pedestrians. Try using eye contact, hand signals, putting your foot down, ringing your bell, and even waving thanks when given the right of way.

5. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. The days may be longer, but if you don’t properly map out your trails you could be left in the dark. Also, check the weather — the first minutes of rain on the road creates a dangerously slick surface. And, of course, choosing a route with things like fewer cars and wider shoulders is just plain smart. Here are some of the area’s best bike trails with important factors to always consider like mileage, level of difficulty, and various access points.

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