15 Things Your Closet Needs That No One Ever Tells You About

Funky necessities to avoid a classic yet boring wardrobe.

15 Things Your Closet Needs That No One Ever Tells You About F

For starters, those sunnies. | iStock/Paul Tarasenko.

Building a collection of clothes that reflects the vibrant, savvy queen within is no small feat, which is why every fashion outlet out there is always compiling lists of how to build a classic wardrobe. Trust me, they’re fantastic headlines that get me to click every time, but in my quest to compile the perfect wardrobe bucket list, I’ve noticed something about those articles. If you strictly follow the 30-things-to-own-before-you’re-30 lists, you’ll wind up with a really boring closet full of clothes. Sure, every woman needs an LBD, classic heels, a tailored blazer, a trench coat, a plain white tee, blah, blah, blah. But if that’s all you’ve got in your closet, you’re going to wind up looking — dare I say — basic.

Always looking out for your best style interests, we’ve compiled a list of things your closet needs that no one ever tells you about. Sure, every gal needs some classics as the foundation for her wardrobe — but don’t you want your personality to show through in rad ways too? Consider this list the ultimate antidote to getting bored with your clothes, and start dressing for that badass within.

15 Things Your Closet Needs That No One Ever Tells You About A

Images via Nasty Gal and Lauren McGrath [1] [2].

#1. Funky Sunglasses: Nothing says summertime like some new sunnies, but who says they have to be your standard Ray Bans? Show a little sass with these kitten-eared shades ($48) — you’ll be the coolest broad on the beach.

#2. Embellished Dinner Jacket: A cool jacket will amp up any outfit you’re wearing — especially if you’re in all black and you make the jacket the focal point of your look. Sling it over your shoulders like a casual cape for extra street-style credit. Anh Mai (pictured above) dishes more fashion tips here.

#3. Crazy Heels: Conversation-starting heels are a wardrobe must, because they elevate any outfit. Pop those bad boys on with your classic LBD or white tee and jeans, and you’re instantly a badass. P.S. If you haven’t read about my Dries heels (aka my children), click here now.

#4. Non-Skinny Jeans: Newsflash — skinny jeans are dying out, people. It’s time to spring for a new silhouette, whether that’s a pair with majorly frayed ends or breezy culottes. Whatever you do, just be sure skinnies aren’t the only denim hanging in your closet.

#5. Next-Level Neck Gear: Every wardrobe needs a badass necklace that makes you feel like warrior queen when you wear it. Make it the star of your boring LBD, or keep it casual with a grungy tee and black ripped jeans. Whichever way you rock it, this accessory makes any outfit pop. We’re loving the locally-designed Sticks + Stones piece pictured above.

#6. Borrowed From the Boys: Every woman’s wardrobe needs something shamelessly stolen from a a man in our lives (or at least looking like we stole it from le boyfriend). Rock some menswear-inspired oxfords (Bus Stop, come through!), or go all-out with a classic basketball jersey dressed up and femmed out (like this Mitchell & Ness one).

#7. Big Platform Heels: They give you all that extra height, but at a fraction of the pain level. Plus, they look amazing with just about anything and give you an instant confidence boots. (I’m loving these Guiseppe Zanotti bad boys for $795).

#8. A Bold Lip That Isn’t Red: Ok fine, technically lipstick doesn’t belong in the closet, but it does have to do with style. And since we’re talking unconventional style tips here, consider picking up a bold lip color that isn’t the expected red, like this fuschia Limecrime Velvetine in Rave ($16) that’s super punchy and fun. Any outfit is instantly dressed up with a bright lip — even when it’s the only ounce of makeup on your face.

#9. A Funky Blazer: A simple black blazer is a must, but life needs a little more excitement than that. Try a crazy, printed vintage number like this old school Kenzo jacket, or a spangly one to amp up any plain white oxford shirt.

15 Things Your Closet Needs That No One Ever Tells You About D

Images via Fan Fire, Nasty Gal and H&M.

#10. Something from High School: Anything vintage is cool, but something that you’ve been holding onto since the high school days, like a concert tee worn super thin, is even cooler because it’s your vintage. Pair that sucker with a pencil skirt and those funky heels of yours, and you’re ready to rock. (Or you can just buy it online — so long as it looks vintage.)

#11. A Kimono: The authentic Japanese kind is dope (and preferable), but a kimono-style overlay like this Nasty Gal one ($78) works just fine as well. Pull this over your bikini to go from the beach to the bar, or wear it over a slinky dress for date night.

#12.Crazy Pants: Sure, the people of Philadelphia might look at you like there’s an alien growing out of your forehead, but crazy pants are the absolute bomb. Whether they’re patterned, embellished a little, or full-blown covered in sequins (like these H&M ones for $19.99), they will take any plain tee or blazer to next-level coolness, guaranteed.

#13. A Vintage Dress: Not only will a vintage dress look super awesome when styled with modern accessiories; it will also make you feel like a savvy, worldly lady just knowing those threads have seen a thing or two. Need to update it for 2016? See how our editor took care of her vintage dress here.

#14. A Fun Clutch: Sure, a sensible brown or black tote is totally necessary — but so is a funky clutch for a night out on the town. It’ll jazz up your look, even if you’re just in basics.

#15. A Fur Overlay: Faux is just fine with us, so long as it looks luxe and makes you feel like John Snow’s bride (#goals). Wear it with your favorite leather jacket in the fall, or simply throw over a plain sweater to instantly make your outfit look expensive.

While we are all in favor of a classic wardrobe built from quality basics, we are unashamedly against looking basic. If you shop the above mentioned things your closet needs that no one ever tells you about (besides us!), guaranteed you’ll never be bored with your clothes again. Wear them a million ways, pair them in the weirdest combinations — it’s all good no matter how you rock them, because each of the pieces you’ll own is super fly.