Shop Talk: 7 Simple Tricks for Removing Stubborn Makeup

Read with coffee: Five style headlines to know this a.m.

removing stubborn makeup

Don’t settle for next-day stained lips. | iStock/bgwalker

  • Liquid matte lipsticks staining your mouth for days?  I feel your pain. Vaseline is the answer to your prayers, along with these other secrets for removing stubborn makeup. [Total Beauty]
  • Gluten-free haircare is a thing—should you alter your mane’s products, even if gluten is a staple in your diet? [Byrdie]

  • As a perpetual over-packer, I’m always on the hunt for insider secrets to up my travel game. Luckily, I found the only packing list you’ll ever need to help you map out every single outfit, down to your socks. [Who What Wear]
  • Christian Louboutin just released three new shades of red nail polish for spring, just in case you wanted to blow your tax return on a $50 bottle of nail polish. The shares are pretty cute though…[Pop Sugar]
  • The internet is going gaga over this all-in-one rainbow highlight and blush. It actually looks like a unicorn licked your face, as one Instagrammer put it. Click the link to see the Prism product in action. [InStyle]