Shop Talk: 9 Secret Uses for Your Go-To Beauty Products

Five style headlines to know this a.m.

makeup tricks

Oldest trick in the book: Use lip gloss as blush. | iStock/Marccophoto.

  • So we all know the conditioner-as-shaving-cream beauty trick, but did you know you can use red lipstick as concealer for your dark circles? True life. Check out these nine little-known ways to use your favorite makeup products, and start paring down that makeup kit. [Byrdie]
  • We’ve covered laundry woes and ways to avoid them, but sometimes no matter how hard we try, things shrink and stretch past the point of no return. Here are five clothes you should buy slightly oversized and four items you should buy a little small to compensate for the inevitable laundry room alterations waiting to happen. [Pure Wow]
  • After an interesting assortment of fashion-related job postings went live on Amazon’s careers site last week, many believe an Amazon-designed clothing line may be on the horizon. [Refinery 29]

  • Small apartments don’t have to mean sad living quarters – you just have to get a little creative with how you furnish them. Here are ten things every small bathroom needs, from reflective surfaces (medicine cabinets don’t count) to chic shelving. [Domino]
  • Got your eye on an insanely beautiful designer handbag? These lifelong wardrobe additions don’t have to be reserved for fashion’s elite. Here’s how to save, strategize, and shop for your dream designer goods. [Pop Sugar]