Your Home Needs One of Keith Leaphart’s Amazing New Wall Decals

Wallsome is changing DIY decor as we know it.


Photo via Wallsome.

This week, there’s a new brand in the DIY home decor scene, and we’re obsessed: Guys, meet Wallsome. Founded by Keith Leaphart, owner of the Philly-based design and print firm Replica Creative, the brand specializes in taking gorgeous images (such as these) and formatting them into high-res, customizable wallpapers. The best part? These transformative wall designs are crinkle-resistant, removable, and can be repositioned as you see fit. (In other words: Your security deposit is safe and your landlord a happy camper).

You can choose from a wide selection of colorful premium designs and room set decals, from traditional mosaics (see above) and florals to modern geometric patterns and novelty prints. But the real winning aspect is that you can upload personal photographs and original artwork to create murals that are custom, meaningful and true to your aesthetic. Gone is the typical messy installation process of standard wallpaper, too; Wallsome designs require no masking tape or adhesive. The prices are also reasonable for the print quality — a small poster-sized decal of 10″ x 13″ costs about $10, while a full-scale cityscape of 67″ x 100″ racks up to $530.

While the company is web-based, Wallsome also has plans to open a brick-and-mortar showroom this May that will offer in-house demos and consultations with design experts. For now, if you join the email list by February 29th, you’ll receive 30 percent off your first order. Traditional wallpaper, you’ve met your match.