Get Excited! Ps & Qs Is Opening a Women’s Boutique on Antique Row

The cult-loved men's shop is rolling out a second location next month.


The in-progress storefront. | Image courtesy Ps & Qs.

During a recent scouting trip along Pine Street, I found shop owners buzzing about the newest addition to Antique Row: Ps & Qs, the beloved South Street men’s boutique, is opening a second shop at 1018 Pine Street next month. But it’s not what you’d expect. This time, the guys are taking on womenswear – and I couldn’t be more excited.

For those not familiar with Ps & Qs, think refined streetwear from the likes of Carharttt, Publish, Norse Projects, with a touch of the rugged (Pendleton, Penfield, Herschel). And you can expect the same from the women’s outpost, which will be under the same name. Owner Ky told me that the new shop will be sleeker than the men’s counterpart, with some of the same brands and the same wall of cool backpacks the South Street shop is known for. Oh, and smattering of kid’s stuff, just for good measure. (Tiny Penfield sweatshirts!)

“We wanted to try to take the opportunity to go forward with a location that isn’t known for fashion, go against the grain,” says Francis Young, one of the managers of the new store. If the excited chatter of the neighboring shop owners is any indication, going against the grain just might be the thing that propels Antique Row into next-level shopping destination. Look out for the opening sometime in March.


The interior under construction. | Image courtesy Ps & Qs.