6 Last-Minute Gifts That Totally Don’t Look It

Procrastination happens, but they don’t need to know.

last minute

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Oh no! You put off your holiday shopping until the last possible moment, and now it’s too late to order online because your present won’t arrive in time. Don’t panic – your special someone doesn’t have to know. Here are a few gifts available for last-minute pick-up at area stores that look super-thoughtful and heartfelt. (Your secret’s safe with us.) 

[1] For the chef: A minimal, chic marble serving platter ($29.95) loaded with baked goods – baked goods that you made. A little effort goes a long way here.

[2] For the golfer: Sure, they’ve already got a souped-up set of clubs, but do they have a flask with a built-in golf tee holster ($39.95)? We didn’t think so. Bonus points if you include a bottle of their favorite spirits.

[3] For the couch potato: Wireless phone projector ($249.99), whether it’s for streaming the big game or a cozy movie night. Bonus points if you include a hot air popcorn machine ($39.95) and a show series they’ve been dying to see.

[4] For the booze connoisseur: A woodland creatures cocktail shaker ($48) with a mixology book ($10.95) and bitters set ($35), so they can start honing their bartending skills.

[5] For the writer: A nice journal ($9.95) to record their thoughts and musings. Add a personal touch by writing a note on the first page. Bonus points if you intersperse drawings or quotes on random pages throughout to continue to surprise them as the journal gets filled.

[6] For the reader: A classy set of bookends ($168), with their favorite books sandwiched in between. Bonus points if you can find antique versions of classics they love.