3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Makeup Look from Day to Night

Beauty hacks that’ll make it look like you primped for hours.

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Who’s ready to party? | Alixe Wiley and Lauren McGrath.

We’ve covered what to wear to any holiday festivity out there, but what about your beauty routine? Don’t ruin your chic party outfit with the boring makeup look you’ve had on all day. It doesn’t have to take an hour to upgrade your beauty look from flat to fabulous – just try one of these quick and easy makeup switches and you’ll be the belle of the ball in under five minutes. Promise!

Ombre Red

Claudia Gavin.

The Classic: Is there ever a bad time to rock a red lip? In my world, no. Look how it makes your entire face pop.

The Twist: Layer two varying hues of crimson for an ombre effect. We used Currant Lip Pencil for the outer corners and Ruby Woo lipstick for the brighter middle shade.

Pro Tip: Consult this quick and easy three-step tutorial on ombre lips for beginners before attempting on your own. You know how those reds can stain …


Lauren McGrath.

The Classic: A cate-ye and rosy lips – a classic look for any occasion.

The Twist: Add some metallics – they’re more subtle than glitter but still scream MERRIMENT! Add a touch of Old Gold loose pigment to the center of the lips and a dash of gold to the lower lash line. It will brighten up your whole face. (Plus, you’ll look more awake.)

Pro Tip: For the eyes, use an angle brush dipped in water before picking up the pigment – the product will take on the consistency of liquid eyeliner and go on more concentrated than the loose powder.


Alixe Wiley.

The Classic: When in doubt, add some sass to your smile with a bold lip.

The Twist: Why not make it a bright purple lip (like mine in Heroine)? Or blue? Or orange? Or sparkly green? Amidst a sea of holiday reds (though you can do red in a new way – see the top pic!), lips in surprising hues are fun and refreshing. You’ll feel like a rock star, especially if you add a high-sheen gloss with a little sparkle. (We used Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass.)

Pro Tip: Be sure you have a designated wing woman/devoted friend to tell you when the lipstick gets on your teeth (it will), and drink out of straws whenever possible.

Happy holidays, dolls!