ICYMI: Beyoncé’s Athleisure Brand’s New Release Date

This week’s style headlines you need to know.


Float like a butterfly; sting like a Bey. | Shutterstock.

  • Beyoncé’s athleisure brand has a new release date. You can sweat like Queen Bey as soon as April 2016, but be prepared to camp outside of your nearest Topshop weeks in advance. This one’s gonna be bigger than H&M x Balmain (and hopefully better). [The Telegraph]
  • Pantone went rogue yesterday and released not one but two colors of the year. They are Rose Quartz and Serenity – soft, pastel pink and blue hues that are meant to soothe. [Wall Street Journal]

  • Do you have a pair of heels that you absolutely hate because they hurt so badly within minutes of putting them on, but you just can’t bear to part with them? You’re not alone in the struggle. Check out eight Philly Mag staffers on the shoes we hate to love, and why we keep those uncomfortable suckers around anyway. [Shoppist]
  • As much as Kylie Jenner pains us in general, her makeup game is undeniably on point. Here are five product dupes in case you didn’t snag a Kylie Jenner lip kits (understandably so – they sold out within minutes on Black Friday). Teaser: One is $6, and it’s good. [The Cut]
  • Beauty trend alert: Blow-dry your wrinkles away. Apply this serum after cleansing, blow-dry your face for three minutes on cold, and apparently you’ll look like you’ve had a facelift for the next ten hours. The jury’s still out on whether it works, but we give major innovation points to the brand behind it. [Pure Wow]
  • There’s a new line of cute, odor-sealing bags for the lady smokers out there. The company’s called AnnaBís (we see what ya did there), and the clutches are a welcome switch-up in a male- and rasta-dominated cannabis product market. [Marie Claire]