5 Skincare Game-Changers: Drugstore Edition

How to keep your skin healthy without breaking the bank.


Never enough products. | Shutterstock.

We love ballin’ on a budget as much as the next chick, especially when it comes to navigating the potentially pricey world of skincare. We found five of the best drugstore products for buffing, cleansing, and keeping your skin radiant  –  all for under $15. Here’s how to win big at the drug store.

1. Toss your washcloth for good (and jump on the Asian skincare bandwagon) with a konjac sponge. This weird little sponge made from Japanese vegetable fibers becomes super soft and squishy when wet. Add a little foaming face cleanser and scrub away without worrying about being too rough  –  it’s basically impossible, thanks to the gel-like barrier that the sponge creates to protect your face. It’s all-natural, super gentle, and will leave your skin looking glowy. Be sure to replace it every month or so as the softness fades to avoid bacteria growth.

2. Dermatologists swear by Cerave face wash, which uses hyaluronic acid to re-balance the skin. I just switched to this cleanser, and it definitely gets my stamp of approval.

3. We’re searched high and low for quality eye makeup removers that get the job done with minimal eyelash loss. After years of trial and error, we keep coming back to Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover; it’s truly the best for cutting hard-to-remove product with a gentle formula.

4. If ingrown hairs are the bane of your existence, ditch the loofah for an exfoliating glove. On top of feeling like Michael Jackson in the shower, the glove helps to scrub away dead skin all over the body. Toss it in the laundry with your towels on hot cycle every week to get rid of bacteria.

5. For cellulite breakup, lymph circulation, and a tangible energy boost, a natural-bristle dry brush needs to be part of your morning routine. I tried it and became obsessed.

Got a drugstore favorite that we missed? Leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out.