Shopping Secret: Where to Find the Best, Most Fashionable Umbrellas in Philly

ToBox Shoes for the win.

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It’s one big, soggy puddle out there, guys (although the constant downpour seems to have stopped, at least for now). This means you have just enough time to dash out to ToBox Shoes in Rittenhouse and pick up what I think is the coolest umbrella ever.

Admittedly, the umbrellas here are pricier than most options. (They’re — brace yourself — $300.) But here’s why: Each umbrella is handcrafted in Italy, with sculptural handles and jewel-like colors. The best part, though, is that you can customize your umbrella. Choose from a range of swatches and handle options (lion head, horse head, studded, plain) and in 10 days, you’ll have an umbrella that’ll make you wish for rainy weather.