Market Report: Lupita Nyong’o’s $150,000 Oscar Dress Was Stolen

Plus: Why you should wash your hair with beer.

Images via Kevin Mazur / Getty

Bye bye, beautiful. | Images via Kevin Mazur / Getty

  • We deemed Lupita Nyong’o the best dressed at the Oscars (for good reason), but now that stunning custom made Calvin Klein dress has been stolen. If you see someone wearing $150,000 worth of pearls, you’ve probably got the culprit. [Cosmopolitan]
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  • Here are 8 slicked-back hair styles that are actually really cute – and don’t look like you haven’t showered in two weeks. [Byrdie]

  • Mood ring for your mouth. Check out these color-changing lip glosses. [InStyle]
  • Want shinier hair? Wash it with … beer. [The Gloss]