UNIQLO Opens In Willow Grove Mall Today

Handing out free totes and gift with purchase all weekend.


Shoppers clamor to get into Willow Grove Mall’s new UNIQLO store, left, and a look at the setup, right.

Just one week ago, UNIQLO opened its Rittenhouse doors with a flurry of activity that included runway shows, carnival games and a free Questlove performance. Today’s opening at the Willow Grove Park Mall (located on level three, near Nordstrom Rack) is decidedly less flashy—it is a mall, after all—but still worth checking out. Even sans Questlove.

Today through Sunday, the first 200 shoppers each day will get limited-edition tote bags. Shoppers who spend more than $50 get a free HEATTECH item. Questlove, we’ll see you next time.

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