10 Mesmerizing Halloween Makeup Video Tutorials

Forget splurging on an expensive costume.


Makeup goes all Lichtenstein. | Screenshot via YouTube.

Confession: I find makeup tutorial videos extremely mesmerizing. On numerous occasions, I’ve fallen down a black hole watching YouTube videos of Madison, a five-year-old girl who makes the most adorable makeup videos ever. (If you ever need to cheer yourself up, watch this. Or this. Or, oh my god, THIS. Just scroll to the 7:20 mark and you will explode from all of the cuteness.)

But it’s not just tiny, precocious beauty gurus that delight me. Watching anyone transform themselves with makeup is fascinating, especially when they venture into the grotesque or fantastical. Don’t believe me? Watch these videos for your best Halloween makeup ever. (Warning: It’s a black hole and some are more than a little creepy.)

1. Vampire Girl

2. A ripped mouth. (Warning: This is gross, but I give you such props if you do it.)

3. Comic book character. (This is really more like art than mere makeup.)

4. Corpse bride. (Fake eyes!)

5. Edward Scissorhands.

6. Creepy ventriloquist doll.

7. Geisha.

8. Day of the Dead. (An easier version!)

9. American Horror Story.

10. Black-and-white movie star.