There’s A Huge Architectural Antiques Sale Going On Now

It's in Bucks County, and it's so worth the trip.


Scenes from Artefact.

I stumbled upon Artefact Architectural Antiques a few years ago, on my way home from this home interiors photo shoot (still one of my favorite shoots—and homes—of all time). The rambling shop is part flea market, part antique store, part arch-salvage.

It’s where the homeowners from that photo shoot find quirky bits and bobs for their house, and where in-the-know Bucks Countians find their best old gems. It’s also where I found these jeans displays from Gap (I think they only cost me about $10, and they are perfect in our kitchen) and, on another visit, this swing (for which I promptly ditched our ugly chaise, in a quite impractical move as we now have limited seating for the swing-averse).

Anyway, the store is fantastic, and worth visiting even without a particular reason. But here’s a big one: Now through Saturday, every single architectural antique—including new inventory—is 20 percent off. It’s the store’s anniversary sale (happy 27th, guys!), and these sort of discounts only happens once a year. Among the treasures you’ll find: furniture and decor, stained glass, fireplace mantels, cool old doors and gorgeous windows.

So go. Buy a swing. Have fun.

Open from 10am to 6pm. 719 Edison-Furlong Road, Furlong.