Penn Juniors Create “Frat Jacket”

The Frackit is designed to withstand "beer and frat sludge."

You are looking at the “Frackit,” a jacket designed by Caroline Calle and Melissa Greenblatt and so named because, well, let’s let the Daily Pennsylvanian explain:

Calle and Greenblatt, members of Penn’s chapter of Delta Delta Delta sorority, recently launched FRACKIT, a company that sells waterproof hooded jackets. The name comes from ‘fracket,’ or ‘frat jacket,’ which is defined by Urban Dictionary as “a jacket you wear to frats because you don’t mind if at the end of the night, it is covered in beer [and] frat sludge.”

Frat sludge?!?!?!? Gross! And yet: Evidence keeps mounting as to why Penn got that No. 1 party school designation last week: If you have to design new forms of clothing to withstand the awfulness of a frat party, well, you’re certainly innovating.

You can pre-order now — the jackets start at $45 apiece —or just become a fan on Facebook.