Playboy: Penn Is America’s No. 1 Party School

Quakers? More like booty shakers, y'all.

Playboy, in what must’ve been an exceedingly scientific and rigorous process — and not at all just pulling something out of thin air — has named Penn America’s No. 1 party school.


The magazine writes:

Smarties can party too, and UPenn puts other Ivies to shame with its union of brains, brewskies and bros. Boasting a notorious underground frat scene that school officials have deemed a nuisance, these renegades pony up thousands of dollars’ worth of liquor for their parties—and competition among the houses means a balls-out war of debauchery. Aboveground, casual sex is rampant, as coeds value careers over coupling. Philly’s boisterous bar scene keeps off-campus-carousing options numerous. School-sponsored day drinking hits a high note during Spring Fling, an outdoor music fest that pulls in acts such as Passion Pit, Tyga and Janelle Monáe and turns the Quad into a sloshed mosh pit.

All this really means is that some intern at Playboy probably read the New York Times piece about Penn’s hookup culture last year and extrapolated accordingly.

Reached for comment, Penn officials released the following statement:

[Hat Tip: Philly Business Journal]