Another “Float Spa” is Opening This Week

It's like the Dead Sea has come to West Chester.

Exciting news: Another float spa is opening this week in West Chester. It’s called East Coast Float Spa and fans of the Dead Sea-esque baths will be able to scope out the new space (and enter to win loads of prizes) at a grand opening from 5 to 8 this Friday. Oh, and did we mention it’s the largest in the Philly metro area? Floats for everyone!

Already a float fan? Skip to the bottom to get the scoop about the open house event. Everyone else, keep reading for a breakdown of the trendy new service.

Back in March when Philly’s first float spa opened, we were simultaneously skeptical and intrigued. What does the service really entail? How is it different than my bathtub filled with epsom salts? Our sister site Be Well Philly gave this handy rundown:

The treatments work thusly: You’re lowered into a tank containing 10 inches of Epsom salt-laced water, whereupon you float in peace and quiet for 90 minutes. The water is so salty, apparently, that you become more buoyant than you would be if you floated on the Dead Sea.

And the best part? The service is long—an hour and a half of floating around in a sensory-zapping black box devoid of any and all distractions. Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo sang the service’s high praises after he gave it a go (and a Best of Philly nod for Best Mental Detox), praising it for its no-phone policy and pitch-black, (nearly) silent room.

And then it was decided: This spa treatment is basically an epsom salt bath on steroids. No scrunched up knees. No noisy neighbors banging on the floor above. And no cold water after 30 minutes. And then there’s all the medical good stuff: It lowers blood pressures, reduces levels of stress hormones and increases dopamine production. This is an honest-to-goodness restorative spa treatment.

Sold? Here are the details: The open house is this Friday, September 26th, at 569 East Gay Street, West Chester. Simply RSVP to the grand opening on their Facebook page to win prizes like free floats, discount cards, and salt blends. They’ll also be showcasing their post-float rooms tricked out with an oxygen bar and two zero-gravity massage chairs. So basically, you’ll never want to leave. Like, ever.