Video: See How These Philly Artisans Make the Cutest Bowties We’ve Ever Seen

Go behind the scenes with Philly's Forage Haberdashery.


Office life. | Screenshot via Urban Outfitters.

Quit your day job, turn your house into a light-filled studio, begin making cool-slash-adorable bowties that catch on like wildfire, land a major wholesale account, have a tiny baby who wears the cutest-ever animal-print leggings. It’s a lofty ambition, and for most people, the end result would be a tiny Etsy account and a newfound respect for artisans and small business owners. But for Forage Haberdashery‘s Stephen Loidolt and Shauna Alterio, it’s, well, pretty inspiring.

Urban Outfitters recently posted a behind-the-scenes peek at the (married) duo behind Forage—and it’s completely charming. Warning: Watching it will make you seriously consider ditching cubicle life. See the video below, check out more of the interview here, and buy the line either at Urban Outfitters or at Forage’s own website.