Market Report: Here is Everything Everyone Wore to the Emmys Last Night

The style headlines to read this morning.

  • Here is everything everyone wore to the Emmys last night, including one very awful pink ruffly skirt-dress thing (sorry, Lena). [The Cut]
  • Even more fun than red carpet pics? Stars’ Instagram pics! Click here and see behind-the-scenes snaps of shoes, bags, primping, prepping, manis and McDonalds. [Grazie]
  • This mini-profile and accompanying video of Betsey Johnson is truly awesome. Her house is just as colorfully crazy as she is. Watch it, and prepare to want to go home and change into something with lots of sequins. [StyleLikeU]

  • Sometimes, the difference between looking great in an outfit and looking schlubby is just better posture. This Fitbit-like device clips to your bra or shirt and buzzes when you start to slouch. [Byrdie]
  • Is this the best sale site ever? Maybe. Here’s why. [She Finds]


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