This is What Happens When You Buy Something From Blake Lively’s Preserve

You know you're curious.

Those earrings are  cute | Image via Preserve

Those earrings are mighty tempting. | Image via Preserve

Remember all the hubbub over Blake Lively’s gloomily-designed lifestyle site Preserve? Criticisms were extensive: ranging from slamming $7 ketchup to, well, the lack of preserves. But we have to be honest, with a site that claims to champion “the goods, makers and legends that instill meaning inside the moments of our lives” we were curious how these Anthro-esque goods would be delivered. Surely folded into Made in the USA, hand-embroidered tissue paper and wrapped in twine by the goddess Blake Lively herself, right? Well, not quite.

An editor at Lucky—prompted by our same curiosity—decided to order something from Preserve. The verdict? Good, not great, decidedly lacking in twine. But what she ordered was pretty damn cute. See the review here.