Monday Obsession: Mix-and-Match Earrings at Omoi

Because matching earrings are overrated.


Some things are best suited to pairs: socks, shoes, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Earrings, though, don’t always have to match (proof: this roundup of  fantastic ear candy, none of which has an identical twin). For earring traditionalists who shudder at the thought of wildly mismatched lobes, there are these: a quartet of geometric brass danglers that are sold singularly, and made to be worn in subtly mismatched pairs.

The earrings are made by New York-based In God We Trust; you can scoop them up at Omoi Zakka Shop (1608 Pine Street). Each earring references an element (earth, fire, sea and sky — anyone else have the Captain Planet theme song stuck in your head?) but they do it through smart, refined interpretations. Three horizontal bars conjure layers of earth; one vertical bar nods to the depths of the sea; a circle illustrates fire; and an open teardrop-shape depicts the sky.

Think of it as the grown-up way to mix up your earrings, and leave the matching to socks.

Psst: Buy them here!