Shopping Tip: Why You Need to Shop Terrain’s Post-Easter Sale

The holiday might be over, but spring's just sprung.

Terrain’s post-Easter sale isn’t all eggs and bunnies (though aren’t these gorg?). Photo via Terrain.

My shopping secret: Hit up post-holiday sales. Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, you name it. It seems a tad overkill at the time—who really wants make a Target run on December 27th, just days after dealing with the lunatic pre-Christmas crowds?—but, trust me, it’s worth it.

You see, this is when you can scoop up steeply discounted stuff like wrapping paper, candles, greeting cards, gifts, etc. And Easter, which in shopping terms is pretty much Christmas’s sad little step-cousin, is actually pretty stellar in terms of post-holiday sales. Case in point: Terrain’s post-Easter sale, going on right now.

See, the thing with Easter decor is that it’s not all bunnies and eggs. It’s about spring. A new awakening! Pastel colors! This means Easter-themed merch can last you well into summer. Here’s where to start:

Check out this pedestal cake stand (now $29.95), these pressed flower sachets (now $14.95; these are divine tucked in an underwear drawer or linen closet), these large botanical charts (now $199.95), and this raffia ribbon (now $14.95; use this to tie up every single gift you give from now through August!). Better yet, buy it all and score free shipping (on orders of over $150). So, see you here the day after Labor Day?