Gotta Watch It: Ted Baker’s Circus-Themed Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Video


Seldom is a campaign video such an event. The usual is as predictable as it gets: Pretty-models, with their swag and pomp, strut around to show off the season’s trends and … well, that’s it.

But Ted Baker London’s latest production? You get a circus romp (literally – Giffords Circus) featuring two cute-as-a-button, lovey-dovey character models who complement the clip’s same exotic charm the brand’s known for.

Playing on Ted Baker’s notorious sense of humor, the “Get in on the Act” video opens with two young, star-crossed lover types, standing in awe of a circus that’s seemingly manifested from nowhere – the “nowhere” being a breathtakingly bucolic backdrop that nabs second place in the ranking of most visually stunning. First place, of course, being the refreshing smattering of apparel.

Here’s what to watch for! On him: a snazzy-but-casual grey suit with a sophisticated tie-shirt combo boasting a tasteful stamping of polka dots, and on her: an airy sleeveless spring dress with a floral pattern that’s not afraid to keep the green stem on the flower petals. (I know, I know — that sounds simple, but it somehow looks like a more natural print.) Further cue an ensuing lineup of spring sweaters, additional floral prints (with hairbands and belts – oh my!) and – personal favorite alert – a jacket that looks as if it’s been smothered and dyed with cotton candy.

Oh, and while we’re at it, we’ll add that the hair and makeup is gorgeous. Hopefully the stylists scored some free corn dogs and funnel cake before they packed up.

Absorb the visual feast for yourself (above): You can catch a different outfit with nearly each new take of the duo’s giddy circus frolic. Call it one of the more creative ways of showing the goods for the season’s hottest prints, fabrics and designs.

Ted Baker London will invade the Philadelphia region this spring when it opens its King of Prussia Mall store, launching May 2-4. Drop by for a special gift with purchase, as well as goodies like Fever-Tree sparkling beverages and gourmet kettle corn. Also of note: You can snag a $1,000 shopping spree by taking a fraction of your lunch break to fill out this sign-up form.