Street Style: Where Style Blogger Ian Michael Crumm Shops

And what he's wearing.

Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Ian Michael Crumm

Where He Lives: Art Museum/Fairmount

Day Job: Student/style blogger

Where We Found Him: At the Flower Show’s LGBT party

What He’s Wearing: Banana Republic shirt, Target vest, vintage blazer, Tommy Hilfiger bow tie, Gap pants, and Aston Grey shoes.

Where He Shops:
“I find myself buying shoes more than other sartorial items. Kenneth Cole has been great to me over the years. His shoes are comfy and stylish. When I’m not on the lookout for new kicks, I tend to browse accessories. There are some awesome stores by South Street that I wish I got to more often, like Armour, Totem Brand and P’s & Q’s. Last time I was at P’s & Q’s I spotted a scarf by [Wynnewood-based] clothier American Trench. I love to see local boutiques support Philly-based clothing companies!”

Sound Bite: “My personal style involves a lot of colors, accessories and odd combinations. Nine times out of ten there is something strange with my look. This season my personal style is influenced by fabrics and how I decide to pair those designs when I wake up in the morning.”

Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Photo by Evan Schapiro.