Market Report: Amazon To Anticipate What You’ll Buy And Ship It—Before You Actually Order It

Shopping of the future, or just plain creepy?

  • First there were the drones, now this: Amazon announced a new “anticipatory package shipping” process in which they’ll ship what they think you’ll buy before you actually order it. Hello, Big Brother. [Huffington Post]
  • Want to wear sneakers to work? You can, without looking like you’re going to the gym. Here’s how. [Refinery29]
  • Speaking of sneakers, according to Karl Lagerfeld, you should also wear them with your couture. [Elle]

  •  Do you really need a silk pillowcase to keep the perfect blowout? Um, yes? [Glamour]
  • Would you wear an extreme mini to FLOTUS‘s birthday bash? This partier did. [New York Daily News]