Market Report: 7 Fashion Mistakes You’re Making This Winter

  • Poorly patterned tights, puffy coats over cocktail dresses, fur boots, fingerless gloves: Are you making one of these style missteps? (Okay, I still love my Carolina Amato fingerless gloves. I will not lie.) [Stylist]
  • So apparently, that whole crazy nail polish trend is dying off, especially (and thankfully) those hideous crackle-top coats. WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST BE SATISFIED WITH THIS AND MOVE ON? [Gawker]
  • You need to see Chanel’s hair bows which are, literally, made from hair. It looks to me like every model got bubblegum stuck in her hair and was forced to violently chop off her locks right before dashing onto the runway.  [Fashionista]
  • This roundup of 2013’s 12 trendiest gifts is pretty spot-on. Fendi fur charms, we’re looking at you. [Purse Blog]

  • You need to watch this video tutorial on how to get Alexa Chung’s cat-eye. [Vogue]