Shoppist’s 25 Gifts of Christmas: Day 11

Today, a locally made necklace worn by Patii Smith.

Now that the holidays are officially upon us, we here at Shoppist are in full gifting mode. Each day this month, we’ll unveil our 25 top gifts to buy in Philly this season. (Trust us: We’ve shopped everywhere to bring you the best of the best.)

We’ve been fans of Philly-based J. Rudy Lewis’s work for a long time. His hand-forged metal cuffs—some wrapped, corset-like, with leather—are earthy perfection, and totally unlike jewelry we’ve seen before. But our new favorite piece is his cast whale wishbone necklace, which comes on a steel chain (shown), hand-wrapped silk cord, or (for $10 more) a hand-dyed thick leather strap with a quote from Patti Smith, a prayer she says before live performances: “I’d like to thank God I’m alive.” We’ll take one of each, please.

The Details: Handcrafted cast whale wishbone necklace, $159 at J. Rudy : exo.

Give To: Your best friend.



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