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house for sale delancey place mansion exterior front

Just Listed: Updated Delancey Place Mansion in Rittenhouse Square

This house stands out from its neighbors because of the Anglicization its lower floors got around 1900 or so. It stands out even more on the inside.

house for sale villanova english country estate exterior front

Just Listed: English Country Estate in Villanova

house for sale renovated rittenhouse square extended trinity exterior front

Just Listed: Renovated Extended Trinity in Rittenhouse Square

house for sale germantown eclectic victorian exterior front

Just Listed: Eclectic Victorian in Germantown

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Rocky and Adrian’s House From ‘Rocky II’ Is For Sale

The only site one needs for Rocky film locations is suitably named totalrocky.com, which confirms what one already knows about South Philly–nothing ever changes: Rocky […]

You'll want a picture-perfect yard like 15 Great Hills Road in New Hope home when readying your house for sale.

Readying Your Home for Sale: 5 Easy Outside Fixes

Readying Your Home for Sale on the Outside Holing up indoors stationed in front of the TV is a natural way to pass the cold, […]

Union Thugs, Take Note: Chestnut Hill Quaker Meetinghouse Is Less Than $400K

Quakers aren’t much into cult-like leadership–more like building consensus, even if a single decision takes several years–but a renegade egotist is certainly welcome to buy […]


End the Fear: How to Read the AVI Notice That Came in the Mail

We realize that Mayor Nutter’s Actual Value Initiative (AVI) is terrifying to many, so we’ll try to calm things down with regular releases of information […]

Oh, Stop Being Such a Snob. This Is a Perfectly Nice Suburban Rental

Two bedrooms. Two levels. Central air. A private backyard. One-car garage. Washer-dryer. For $850 per month. In a neighborhood with pretty much no crime. So […]

What Does a 4BR Victorian Home in Fairmount Sell for These Days?

Sometimes a home’s interior requires a potential buyer to use some imagination. This is especially true when the home’s seller has plastic slipcovers on the […]

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For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

Interior Design

Interior Design

Fantastic Center City carriage house for sale in Philadelphia.

Center City Carriage House for Sale in Philadelphia

SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Center City Carriage House for Sale John Wannamaker became a local (and very wealthy) icon thanks to his eponymous department store. He left […]

nutter budget address

People on Line to Get Into Nutter’s Budget Address

Property field reporter Gerry Senker says District 33 folks are yelling, “Bozo sucks!” The place is packed–no room in the balcony, even. Who says Philadelphians […]


City Council’s Reform of the Reforms Will Increase Neighborhood Litter

It seemed like progress when the city finally changed the its antiquated zoning code after 50 years of ineptitude. But then, as with other forward-looking […]

washington square philadelphia houses for sale

Property’s Morning Obsession: Washington Square $4M Townhouse

This 4 bedroom, 7,000-square-foot home on Washington Square offers, according to its listing, “Upper East Side Lifestyle at Phila Prices!” But forget New York. This […]

Inside Scoop on Philadelphia Real Estate From an Expert

Agent Frank L. DeFazio has been in the real estate business for seven years and focuses largely on Center City and the vicinity. We had […]

For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

Interior Design

Interior Design

Notice on the City of Philadelphia’s Property Assessment Webpage

Office of Property Assessment, City of Philadelphia.

Notice on the City of Philadelphia’s Property Assessment Webpage

Office of Property Assessment, City of Philadelphia.

Photos at a Demolition: The Gettysburg Cyclorama

It was past vs. past: the 20th-century history of modernist architecture vs. the 19th-century history of the civil war. Austrian-American architect Richard Neutra designed a […]

smiths restaurant

Smiths Restaurant Is At It Again, Doling Out Sexism Along With Its Stupid Asterisk

Ah, Smiths. No, wait. Sorry. It’s *smiths. The Center City restaurant and bar on 19th Street between Market and Sansom touts its happy hours and […]

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