Just Listed: Renovated Rowhouse with Crypto Miner in Belmont

More than a stock modern makeover, this rowhouse will make you money — literally.

house for sale belmont renovated rowhouse exterior front

Another day, another modern makeover of a workingman’s rowhouse in a Philadelphia neighborhood. But there’s something about 835 N. 42nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 that makes this renovated rowhouse different from all the others. What is it? Read on. | Bright MLS images via Compass

Have you been curious to learn about the world of cryptocurrency?

You now have a rare opportunity to become a crypto investor just by buying a house. Specifically, this Belmont renovated rowhouse for sale.

That’s because Compass agent Mark Masih, who renovated it, added a one-of-a-kind amenity to it.

In the closet of its primary bedroom, he installed a Helium hotspot.

What is Helium, you ask? It’s a new, distributed, low-power network designed to connect the Internet of Things (IoT).

The difference between this network and the other networks that are used to do things like locate shared scooters or remotely control programmable thermostats is: Instead of being owned and maintained by some large telecommunications company, the Helium network is owned by everyone who installs a hotspot in their home or office.

Masih explained to me how the Helium network transmits data — it’s different from the way existing IoT networks work — but I’m not going to take you into those weeds. I’ll just say that the signals Helium hotspots send out can travel further than Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS signals can, which Helium considers a competitive advantage.

But the only thing you really need to know is, in exchange for helping data move over the Helium network via this hotspot, Helium pays you by mining cryptocurrency.

Helium hotspots like the one in this house produce a currency called HNT. And like all the other cryptocurrencies out there, it can be used to purchase goods and services, traded and converted into conventional currency.

And while this hotspot is mining crypto for you, you get to enjoy a nicely redone modern rowhouse inside a traditional rowhouse shell.

house for sale belmont renovated rowhouse main floor

Main floor

The rowhouse itself looks like many other redone rowhouses: It’s a vision in black and white with an open main floor.

house for sale belmont renovated rowhouse living room

Living room

An open staircase connects the main and upper floors. The stairs to the basement, however, are enclosed.

house for sale belmont renovated rowhouse dining room

Dining room

The living room lies in front of the stairs, the dining room next to them, and the kitchen sits behind the dining room.



The kitchen is also a standard modern one, with gray subway-tile backsplashes, plenty of cabinet space, stainless-steel appliances and bar seating at its quartz-topped island.



The main floor has a powder room and the three upstairs bedrooms share a full bath with a marble-tile-lined tub/shower combo.

primary bedroom

Primary bedroom

The primary bedroom faces the street, and a large bay-windowed bedroom faces the backyard.



And in addition to that crypto-mining hotspot, this house also has new energy-efficient windows, a high-efficiency climate-control system, waterproof floors and new wiring and plumbing.

As far as Mark, I or anyone else knows, this is the first house anywhere in the world that comes with a built-in crypto miner, so you could say that this house is a bit ahead of its time for its location. Some of those things that would use this internet haven’t yet really penetrated this part of West Philly too deeply. Also, the amount of HNT the hotspot mines depends in part on how many other hotspots are communicating with it, and I suspect that there aren’t that many Helium hotspots around it yet. But, Masih explains, “This property’s location, based on where the other [hotspots] are set up, has value. And what I wanted to do was extract that value on behalf of the buyer.”

(According to the Helium hotspot explorer, there are seven hotspots in the hexagon that includes this house, and the six surrounding it have anywhere from two to 11 — 37 in all. Since the hotspot mines coin based on communications with those hotspots, there should be enough traffic for you to make decent coin here.)

Masih will also help you understand what you’re getting should you buy this Belmont renovated rowhouse for sale. He will provide 30 days of consultation to show you how the hotspot miner works, how to exchange cryptocurrency, how to set up a crypto wallet and answer any other questions you may have about this most unusual amenity.

Imagine: A house that will help you pay your mortgage without your needing to obtain a tenant. How novel is that?



BATHS: 1 full, 1 half


SALE PRICE: $239,900

835 N. 42nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 [Mark Masih | Compass]

Updated March 17th, 8:58 a.m., to list the actual number of Helium hotspots in the area surrounding this house.