On the Market: Storybook Cape in Glenside

The owner, who's selling this house directly, even knows which fable to invoke: "Goldilocks." And indeed, this big little house for sale will be just right for a discriminating buyer.

house for sale glenside upgraded cape exterior front

2237 Pleasant Ave., Glenside, Pa. 19038 | Photos by owner via Zillow

Something you may not be aware of: The word “fabulous” originally meant “characteristic of fables.”

So what you see in the photo above and those that follow is indeed a fabulous house for sale in Glenside.

Its owner, who is dispensing with agents and selling it directly, gets this. Doesn’t the house above look like something out of a Grimm fairy tale?

house for sale glenside upgraded cape living room

Living room

Well, “Goldilocks” as it has evolved is far from grim. Nor did the Brothers Grimm write it; an Englishman named Robert Southey did. And it’s that story that the owner invokes in the opening sentence of their description: “Truly a Goldilocks house, not too big, not too small.”

In fact, it’s bigger than it looks on the outside. You’ll find 2,700 square feet of space and four comfortably-sized bedrooms inside. Its location on a large double lot probably helps diminish its volume.

house for sale glenside upgraded cape kitchen


You will also find that the owner has kept this house up to date and even added a feature almost never found in houses in this price range.

house for sale glenside upgraded cape home theater

Home theater

That’s the home theater in its basement. It’s been professionally wired for state-of-the-art sound and equipped for comfort with a full wet bar.

house for sale glenside upgraded cape backyard

Backyard and patio

Outside, the backyard features a slate patio that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining and beautifully landscaped. The owner’s full listing features a photo of the hydrangeas in the backyard, and they are also fabulous.

house for sale glenside upgraded cape second-floor bedroom

Second-floor bedroom

With two bedrooms on each of its two above-ground floors, you can enjoy one-floor living in this house or accommodate guests while maintaining your privacy upstairs.

The owner obviously takes great pride in this house and has invested heavily and well in its upkeep. You can find out how by reading the full description of the house for sale provided on Zillow. It goes into great detail about the quality of its original construction and the improvements made since it was built in 1941.

I’ll summarize that description this way: This house was fabulous from the start.



BATHS: 3 (The owner lists them as “1 full, two three-quarter,” meaning the other two have shower stalls but no tubs. In normal real-estate terms, all three count as full bathrooms)


SALE PRICE: $418,900

OTHER STUFF: You’ll find a two-car detached garage at the rear of the property. As the owner still lives in this house, you are advised not to simply walk on its grounds; instead, call the owner at 267-699-8680 to schedule an appointment to see the house. This house’s sale price was reduced by $20,500 on Dec. 16th.

2237 Pleasant Ave., Glenside, Pa. 19038 [For sale by owner via Zillow]