Your Dog Can Live Like Royalty in These $1,000, Philly-Made Doghouses

Digs Living is seriously upping the doghouse game.

Doghouses designed by Digs Living | All photos by Kyle Born Photography

Dog owners, admit it:  There’s almost nothing that brings you more joy than spoiling your dog rotten. Now, feast your eyes on these gorgeous doghouses, which may or may not be prettier than the house you live in as a full-fledged human. Hey, we’re not judging.

It’s just that Philly-based Digs Living, a design/build firm that specializes in transforming outdoor spaces, really nailed its new line of doghouses.  And, yes, customizing is encouraged.

The houses (mini manses?) feature materials such as ipe hardwood, plant-based oil stains in a rainbow of colors and cedar decking that’s charred using an ancient Japanese technique. You can even opt to have a green roof installed.

The dog houses start at $950 plus delivery. Contact Digs via email at for info and to order.